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Why should you choose UKLAND MANNED GUARDING Services?

All of our security guards are highly trained SIA licensed professionals. They have experience in providing security guard support and static manned guarding in different situations and environments. Each assignment is specific to our customers’ requirements and as such our security guards will always perform their duties in line with their detailed instructions.

Construction site security is a challenging task as they run a high risk of theft and vandalism. The valuable equipment contained within construction sites in London is appealing to thieves. Bored passers-by are also likely to cause malicious damage to sites. Especially for construction taking place in a large city such as London, the risk of people seeing the construction site and wishing to play around on unoccupied equipment or stealing valuable materials and equipment is high.

Site Security in London is difficult because it also run the risk of trespassing. Despite the seeming injustice, the 1984 Occupiers Liability Act states that occupiers of a construction site security have a responsibility to the safety of the people that trespass on the site. That means that they are legally responsible for the harm that may befall trespassers or small children that wander onto their site. This can result in hefty lawsuits and medical bills that the site occupier is legally obligated to pay for.


Our security guards can be deployed to any situation including:

• Events & Festivals

• Retail

• Car Parks

• Industrial Sites / Business Estates

• Factories/Warehouses/Offices

• Construction Sites

• Residential Properties

• Static Manned Guarding posts

• Vacant Properties

• Transport Services


When we discuss and assess your individual needs we will propose the right security solution for you, be it a lone static guard or a dog handler/security dog team.

We offer a broad spectrum of manned guarding solutions, designed to fit your needs - whether simple, or complex.


If you'd like more information on any of our services, or would like to arrange a quote for a bespoke solution, please get in touch.


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