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Why should you choose UKLAND STATIC GUARDS Services?

UKLAND Security provides professional static security guards that are fully trained and experienced.

Our uniformed personnel will remain on-site during the day or night at one specific site for an agreed period of time. Static security personnel offer an extremely strong visual deterrent against potential criminals.


Our Security Guard`s understand that investing and reinvesting in Security Services helps to strengthen the safety of our customer’s. Thus providing a more positive path through protection and safety measures, UKLAND Company improved safety conditions for all our customer’s needs. We will protect your property and valuables with a highly visible security presence which is a proven deterrent against crime and vandalism

Typical sites that we provide static security cover for include retail developments and businesses, industrial parks, warehouses, schools, construction sites and car parks where valuable commodities may be held on the premises.


The duties of our static security personnel include regular security checks across the whole of the site, monitoring CCTV screens, open/closing of the property and covering out of hour’s reception duties. The security personnel are often located in a Security Control Room or Gatehouse and are fully trained to cope with any potential security breach that may arise. They are also backed by UKLAND 24 hour control room.


UKLAND Security knows how you can overcome potential vandalism and theft to your premises. Guarding your property and all that’s valuable to you we offer a static security solution that monitors your property around the clock. Whether you need gatehouse security to control access points to construction and industrial sites, or you require static security guards for corporate premises to provide a professional image, our static security officers are equipped to tailor their expertise to a whole host of facilities. With nearly 10 years of experience in the industry our level of client satisfaction has given rise to one of the best security reputations in the UK and is one that we‘re constantly working to maintain.


What we deliver:

• On successful award of contract we conduct a site survey. We then tailor make a security program based on your individual needs, creating a numbered walk through for guard instructions. Our security personnel then conduct site inspections based on your individual instructions, providing security presence around the clock.

• All details are recorded and stored at our offices. Reports can be emailed through weekly, monthly or annually.


If you'd like more information on our static security guards services, or would like to arrange a quote for a bespoke solution, please get in touch.


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